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Management of telecom billing and network information is a daunting task, with data elements coming from a wide range of sources such as contracts, invoices, vendor customer service records and more. Without an automated tool to input, analyze and report on this data, managers waste their time and resources to deliver acceptable cost management results.

Many companies are paying too much for telecom services. Because these companies do not recognize these overcharges, overpayments can go on for years. A comprehensive telecom audit will provide the necessary information and the assurance that you do not overpay for services that you do not recognize. Unfortunately, most organizations lack the in-house expertise to audit their own telecom expenses.

Billing errors are more frequent than you think!

According to USA Today, more than 81% of telecom billing surveyed contained errors. Our own experience demonstrates that 3 out of 4 telecom bills contain errors.

Because the stakes are so high, the task of performing an audit so specialized and the need to have appropriate tools and proven methodology, it makes good business sense to outsource the telecom audit task to an experienced and independent telecom consultant

Why a Telecom Audit by 3-DO is a good business decision!

While there are a number of bill auditing firms on the market, 3-DO is the only firm who can deliver guaranteed results.

Bottom Line:
We optimize for you what every organization need most:

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Our consultants have decades of experience in the telecom industry and have a thorough knowledge of the weaknesses of the carriers billing systems and where the errors are most likely.

We are working only for the benefit of our clients - the telecom users - not for any carriers or service providers thus insuring that we protect your interests and your interests only.

We use our fully automated bill verification software and proprietary tools to identify and justify billing errors. We guarantee the highest rate of recovery and negotiate directly with the carriers and service providers for the refunds.

We do not get paid until you get the refunds and our fee is only a portion of the refunds that you receive.
Our clients can also login into our secure extranet portal where they can check the accuracy of their billing and have a total view of their telecom environment. Instead of managing hundred of invoices for different services and from different providers, our clients access one unique source for:

  • Validating the billing accuracy
  • Consolidating circuit and service inventories
  • Allocating costs across the enterprise
  • Accelerating approvals and payments
  • Automating contract management
  • Communicating and reporting telecom information

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