Network Security…

It is estimated that computer-based fraud and theft of corporate information costs businesses in excess of $1 trillion per year.

3-DO can help uncover and solve various types of acute and chronic problems related to information systems and telecommunications security. We work closely with you to design comprehensive, practical and effective security solutions. We develop criteria, program content and processes for key functional elements such as:

  • Audit and certification for network infrastructure security
  • Intrusion and forensic analysis
  • Security policy management
  • Implementation of security patches
  • Disaster recovery and Business Continuity solutions
  • Monitoring your network for abnormal, suspicious, and malicious activities





Our staff holds industry (Cisco, IBM) security certifications in firewalls, VPN, and intrusion detection.

3-DO can provide you with an independent and objective evaluation of your present security system. The assessment is a broad scan and review that defines security vulnerabilities within your organization. We recommend effective security prevention measures while working closely with you to ensure security programs align with policy, management intent and employee culture.

Talk to us today for an understanding of the risks your organization faces and the preventative measures available to you.

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