Project Management…

3-DO combines telecom management services with the perspective of a true consulting firm: we are independent and vendor neutral. Many “consultants” are actually dealers for the solutions they recommend and implement. They work on commission-based with the vendors they represent and cannot be objective when it comes to recommending technology solutions. They could be very knowledgeable about their products, but it is simply not possible to be objective about a product you are paid to sell.

If you need unbiased and expert advice, recommendations or just a simple guidance to help your organization make the right decisions regarding your telecommunications projects and not waste time, we can help you deliver your projects successfully and on time.

3-DO will provide advice, guidance and recommendations to help your organization make the right decisions regarding your telecommunications projects.

Professional Services

  • Needs analysis, RFP/RFQ
  • Review of options or proposals
  • Vendor, equipment and application recommendations
  • Implementation services
  • Project management services





Specific Advice

  • Hardware upgrades and replacements
  • System and application upgrades and replacements
  • Office moves and relocations
  • Business expansion or downsizing
  • Acquisition and integration of another business
  • Creation of mobile or remote offices
  • Adoption of new technologies
  • Network integration

Expert Recommendations

  • Local telephone service
  • Long distance, toll-free and international services
  • Cellular and wireless services
  • Telecommunications security and fraud protection
  • Telephone systems and equipment configuration
  • Traffic and usage studies
  • Network security
  • Data networking
  • Broadband services



Bottom Line:
We optimize for you what every organization need most:

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