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The Government Services Administration (GSA) has mandated that all federal agencies and departments undergo a comprehensive inventory assessment and validation of their telecommunications and network services.

However most of the agencies lack the internal resources necessary to validate and track organization-wide telecommunications inventory as mandated. This lack of resources is also affecting the ability of these agencies to respond to the growing demand for greater control of their annual voice, data, and wireless expenses.

“Agencies must describe and identify the functional characteristics, capabilities, and interconnections of the hardware, software, and telecommunications”

OMB CIRCULAR NO. A-130 – Management of Federal Information Resources

3-DO’s inventory management process starts with a compilation of all the contracted services for voice, data, and wireless services (telephone lines, trunks, circuits, long distance, toll-free 800 & specialized services such as frame relay, VPN, access services, wireless, satellite transponders, etc.)
to create a one-shot in time of the inventory footprint for the entire organization. Product costs by supplier are assigned to provide a complete services cost structure. The “equipment and service record” inventory is organized by location, wireline and wireless service account, product, contract, providing quick references to any level of details.





Once this initial inventory is built, every time a line or circuit is added or decommissioned, the inventory is automatically updated with the new cost structure. The impact and accuracy of any Move Add and Change (MAC)
on the invoices can be verified on the monthly invoices and thus drastically reduce the time spent in bills verification.

The benefits of 3-DO inventory management is best illustrated in the rapidly expanding area of wireless deployments. Cell phone orders, change in plans, introduction of new features, billing and disconnect processes are daily necessary tasks to support the requirements of wireless networks and associated devices from cell phones, Blackberries, pagers, and even data wireless cards.

The above issues demand the use of automated tools (software) that provides a comprehensive inventory of circuits, services, equipment, and users at any point in time. Based on this complete and accurate inventory, government agencies can then efficiently, and accurately, order and provision telecommunications services, allocate costs, and automate the process of receiving, auditing and paying telecommunications invoices.

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