Expenses Reduction…

3-DO is the leading provider of telecom expenses management and contract management solutions. 3-DO clients save millions of dollars every year through our optimization services.

What can 3-DO optimization services do for you?

Rate Optimization: Market changes and rapid technology introductions are the key reasons why it is important to review your rates on a continuous basis not just when you renew your contract. With the tools that 3-DO possesses we can scan the market for new opportunities and help you take advantage of the most aggressive pricing in the market while maintaining your service quality high.

Network Optimization: The cornerstone of cost management is not through cutting services at the expenses of quality of service. Best-practice telecom expenses management is the art of defining needed services at their most efficient levels. Your choice of services, technologies, equipment and vendors will lay the groundwork for lowest total operating cost. 3-DO will help you design the most cost-efficient network customized to your needs while maximizing your service quality and minimize the risks of service disruptions.

Contract Optimization: The key element for telecom cost management is to obtain a truly superior agreement that protect your company against potential carrier defaults and takes market knowledge, process savvy, negotiation skills and more to insure you leave the table with the best possible results for your needs. With decades of experience in contract negotiation with carriers, 3-DO consultants can help prevent a costly contractual oversight and gain significant savings.

  • Improve Vendor Selection
  • Align services with requirements
  • Tighten service performance through Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Eliminate fine prints and unforeseen penalties
  • Clarify Terms and Conditions
  • Minimize Encumbrances and "lock-in" clauses
  • Ensure Lowest Pricing





3-DO’s Telecom Expense Management measurable results:

  • 5-10% refunds from billing errors
  • 20%-30% rates reduction through carrier negotiation
  • At least 10% increase in network efficiency
  • 80% reduction in time spent for inventory management and bill verification
  • 2%-3% increase in profit margin through reduction in telecom charges
  • Centralizing database for equipment and service record as well as monthly invoices and accounts payable
  • Generating on the fly “what if…” analyzes and yearly budget planning and control
  • 50% reduction in time spent for trouble shooting and problem resolution with different carriers

If you think negotiations are likely to yield some savings, think twice. The difference between receiving a market price reduction and winning a best-in-class pricing agreement is truly significant. If you're not absolutely certain that your team is in a position to generate the most successful outcome for your enterprise, you probably are not. We can help, either by assuming the lead or providing expert assistance.

Bottom Line:
We optimize for you what every organization need most:

Service… Quality… Price...