Corporate Profile…

3-DO business philosophy is based on two basic principles: integrity and reliability.

Integrity at Work…

Our Consultants are professional, independent and objective telecom experts, delivering essential telecommunications consulting services and advice to improve your bottom line. Our services can save time, increase profits, add security and produce efficiency gains. Please review our Code of Ethics.

Whether you need to optimize your telecom system, reduce your costs, implement new technologies, or simply have an audit performed, 3-DO is your best choice.

Our consultants are professional, independent and seasoned telecom experts who can deliver significantly improvement to your bottom line. Our performance-based and fixed-fee based approach give you peace of mind while putting the onus on us to produce the results and efficiency gains you are looking for.




Managing for Results...

With decades of experience in every area of telecommunications, 3-DO Consultants have recommended improvements to businesses of every size
in every industry.

Our business principle is that our fees are based on the tangible and measurable results that we can bring to your business. We will not charge anything if we cannot find better solutions which will improve your service and reduce your costs at the same time.

The company is 8(a) SBA certified and is an MBE certified in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Today, 3-DO manages more than $28 million in telecom expenses on behalf of our clients and 75% of the company’s clients are medium and large companies, with the average client having been with 3-DO for over 2 years.

Bottom Line:
We optimize for you what every organization need most:

Service… Quality… Price...